Premier Global

As the leading UK education provider of health and fitness professionals, Premier Global needed a refresh to reflect this position. 

We built on the brands strengths: an unrivaled talent of tutors, and the most advanced online learning, to develop a brand promise ‘Outperform’. A promise that appeals the over-achievers, those with a desire to transform other people’s lives. It also informed everything we did, from commissioning sports photographer Philip Haynes, to the choice of colour that represents the pinnacle of sport achievement.


Nick Bradley, CEO of Premier Global commented, “In a competitive industry that was being dominated by quantity over quality, The Clearing have created a powerful positioning and appealing visual and verbal brand identity that reflects the energetic, progressive and dynamic health and fitness market. We needed our brand to show that we set the benchmark and outperform the industry, with education and training that actually delivers lasting careers for health and fitness professionals.”